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Empirical Research of Youth Employment and Unemplo yment in Belarus (regional aspect)

UDC 331.5(476)





This article analyzes labour situation for young people from the region of Belarus. The features of the youth labour market are examined. The research is focused on the methodological differences between Belarusian approach to labour market statistics and ILO's approach. The labour situation for young people in one of the Belarusian regions is described using analysis of the data obtained from empirical research. The article represents results of youth employment and unemployment level assessment, which were received during the survey of the group of 307 young people at the age of 15–29 years by means of questionnaire for households survey on employment issues developed according to ILO's methodology. According to the survey the youth employment level in Vitebsk Region accounted for 36.8 % with the unemployment level being 10.3 % i.e. the actual youth unemployment level is higher than a registered one in Belarus and it is comparable in value to the level in other countries. The research reveals a high number of young people who work while studying. The assessment of means of job seeking showed that individual search alongside with friends' and relatives' help dominates. Other elements of labour market infrastructure (state employment agencies, recruitment agencies) are not popular despite the fact that their efficiency among the registered unemployed is rather high. The research resulted in the development of additional database of the condition of youth labour market in the Republic of Belarus (at regional level) which allows to diagnose the situation in youth employment which is beyond the vision of state employment agencies.

Empirical Research of Youth Employment and Unemployment in Belarus (regional aspect)


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Vankevich, Alena Empirical Research of Youth Employment and Unemplo yment in Belarus (regional aspect) / Alena Vankevich, Alena Korabava // Vestnik of Vitebsk State Technological University. ─ 2019. ─ № 2(37). ─ P. 115. DOI:10.24411/2079-7958-2019-13713

Accepted to publication on november 12, 2019