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to authors of the scientific and technical journal "Vestnik of Vitebsk State Technological University"

1. Scientific and technical journal "Vestnik of Vitebsk State Technological University" is published twice a year. Papers on three thematic areas are allowed to publishing:

- Technology of Materials and Products of Textile Industry and Consumer Goods Industry;

- Chemical Engineering;

- Economy.

2. Manuscripts sent to the journal must be original material, not previously published in other publications.

3. The following materials must be attached to the manuscript:

- Application with the paper's title, theme (from step 1) to which it is applied, the list of authors and their personal signatures;

- Summary in the original language of at least 10 lines (at least 150 - 250 words) - in Russian or Belarusian. The summary must correspond to Standard 7.9 – 95 and include key words and the following aspects of the paper content: subject, work theme and purpose, work method or methodology, work results, the scope of the results, and conclusions. The sequence of paper content presentation can be changed. The information contained in the title should not be repeated in the text of the abstract;

- Author’s abstract and paper’s title- in English. The abstract must serve as an independent source of information and be informative, structured and original, so that not to duplicate the text of the abstract. The volume of abstracts should be 200 - 300 words;

- Covering letter from the organization where the work has been performed or an extract from the minutes of the department meeting (for authors working in VSTU);

- Expert opinion on the possibility of the submitted materials publication in press;

- Certificate containing information about the author (place of work, position, academic degree, address, phone number, e-mail) - in Russian and English. It is also necessary to specify transliterated (using the Latin alphabet)working place of the author, which can be obtained using a free program of transliteration of the Russian language in the Latin script on the site http://www.translit.ru/;

- Electronic version of all materials, except for the covering letter (an extract from the department minutes) and expert opinion.

 4. The structure adopted for the publication of papers is as follows: the index of UDC, the paper title, the authors' names and initials, the text of the papers, a list of the sources used.

5. The text of the paper should consistently reflect: the state of the problem prior to its study by the authors, the purpose of the present work and the tasks that have been solved for its achievement and research methodology, results analysis, their scientific novelty and practical value; conclusions. The results obtained shall be discussed in terms of their scientific novelty and compared with the corresponding known information. The main obtained results with indication of their novelty, advantages and application possibilities must be formulated in a compressed form in conclusions. If required, the scope of the results applicability should also be indicated.

6. The list of references should be placed separately at the end of the paper; references to publications should be inserted into the text as the publication number in the list enclosed in square brackets. References to unpublished works (dissertations, reports, deposited manuscripts) are not allowed. The bibliographic description of the source must include the surname and initials of all authors, the publication year (in parentheses), the source name (for papers - paper title, journal name in italics, issue number), page numbers. Each source must have an author. If referring to a collection edition, then the first editor is indicated as the author. If the work is done by an organization and specific authors are not given, the organization is indicated as the author. If the source used is not published in English, it is necessary to bring a bibliographic description in the original and add English translation and transliteration of all the information referred to in the description. 

7. The reference list shall include links to relevant scientific publications on the topic of the article. At least 50% references shall relate to scientific publications published over the last 10 years. Excessive self-citation is not allowed. The number of references to the author's (co-authors') work shall not exceed 25% of the total number of citations.

The example of the translation and transliteration of the bibliographic description (the design meets the requirements described above for the Russian-speaking description): Zagurenko, AG, Korotovskikh, VA, Kolesnikov, AA, Timonov, AV, Kardymon, DV (2008). Techno-economic optimization of the design of hydraulic fracturing [Tekhnikoekonomicheskaya optimizatsiya dizaina gidrorazryva plasta]. Neftyanoe khozyaistvo - Oil Industry, (11), pp. 54-57.

8. The paper design must meet the following requirements:

- Papers are submitted in Russian, Belarusian and English;

- The volume of the publication must be from 14,000 to 22,000 characters (4 ─ 10 pages), typed in Times New Roman 12, with margins of 20 mm on the side and single-spaced;

- The files should not be macros, headers, footers, and other complex formatting;

- The use of automatic hyphenation (hyphenation manually is not allowed);

- Formulae are typed in the software Microsoft Equation 3.0, which is part of MS Office 2007, Times New Roman 12 bold italic. Line spacing in front of the formula bar is from 6 to 10 Fri;

- Tables are arranged after the first mention in the text. Thus they must not duplicate the information shown in the graphs. The tables’ titles are placed in the page centre. Tabular data - in the center or left aligned. Font - Times New Roman 9 to 12 points;

- Illustrations are placed after their first mentioning in the text. Each illustration should have a caption title (Times New Roman, 11 pt.) Graphs and charts are presented as drawings, executed in graphics editor compatible with MS Word. Times New Roman font from 9 to 11 pt is used for coordinate axes names and their dimensions. Photos should have a contrast black-and-white image. Photos are submitted in electronic form according to the standards of raster graphics JPG, Tiff, BMP, PCX resolution no less than 300 dpi;

- Illustrations, formulae, equations and footnotes appearing in the paper should be numbered according to the order of citation in the text. The numbering of the formulae is given in Arabic numerals in parentheses on the right side of the page, the sequence numbers of links to the sources used must be written within square brackets;

- Printing of the paper must fully comply with the attached file. Manuscripts that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.

9. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the data cited in the paper and research results.

10. The editors do not charge a fee for the publication of scientific papers.

11. Editing allows primary publication of papers submitted by persons engaged in postgraduate training (postgraduate, doctoral, soiskatelstvo) in the year of training completion.

12. The received paper, following the preliminary examination for compliance with the requirements, is sent to experts for review. The final decision on publication is taken at the editorial board meeting with regard for the review results.

13. The rejected papers are not returned. In case of paper return to the author for revision the date of submission shall be the date of receiving the revised paper by the editors.

14. The editors reserve the right to make editorial changes and cuts in the text, abstract and summary, not distorting the main content of the paper.

15. Papers should be submitted to the address: 210038, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk, prospect Moskovski, 72, Berashevich Iryna. The electronic version of the materials may be sent by e-mail to vestnik-vstu@yandex.by the executive secretary of the editorial board RYKLIN Dmitry.

Editors' Vestnik VSTU "