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Publication ethics

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Editorial policy of Vitebsk State Technological University focuses on publication of articles which demonstrate scientific novelty, topicality, applicability and weren't published before.

The Journal "Vestnik of Vitebsk State Technological University" strictly follows international standards of publication ethics listed in the document at ( (Committee on Publication Ethics).

According to this document every manuscript submitted to and shortlisted by the editorial board shall undergo peer review. Based on the peer review report the final decision is made which includes one of the following: acceptance, request revision, rejection. The editorial board does not discuss with authors the compliance of their manuscripts with Journal's subject-matter. Authors are entirely responsible for their manuscripts' content and for the fact of their publication.

Authors who submit their manuscripts for publication in the Journal "Vestnik of Vitebsk State Technological University" shall ensure the following:

– manuscripts are original (they did not appear before in their present form in other journals);

– manuscripts aren't being reviewed by editorial boards of other journals at the moment and all possible conflicts of interests and publishing related problems have been resolved;

– manuscripts do not breach any copyright, therefore authors are liable for any damage the publisher otherwise may suffer.

Neither fraudulent use of data nor plagiarism i.e. appropriation of ideas and words without acknowledgement of the original source or their presentation as if they were plagiarist's achievements is acceptable.

In case of plagiarism detection or other copyright violations the editorial board has the right to reject manuscripts without further review.

The editorial board shall not be liable for any damage the publication of article may cause. If publication of the article resulted in violation of one's rights or generally accepted publication ethics guidelines, the editorial board has the right to withdraw this article.

Publication of manuscript is free of charge for the author(s).

The Journal's editorial board prepares manuscripts for publication which includes scientific and language revision and upgrading to Journal's editorial standards. All changes made by editors are discussed and agreed upon with the authors. The article is published after the editorial board has received the author's consent in written or by e-mail.

The authors shall attach a cover letter where they should clearly agree with instructions on preparation of manuscripts for publication, including peer review procedure, scientific and language revision and upgrading to Journal's editorial standards.

The authors should also agree to grant the Journal their rights for publication and dissemination of articles in written and digital forms including the right to submit their information about articles for indexing in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and other databases regardless of their category and location, to publish full text of articles at the Journal's web-site ( and the web-site of the Scientific E-Library ( in order to provide a free access to Internet users.


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