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Development of a Two-Layered Nanofibrous Material with Silver Particles

UDC 677.076.49 : 620.3





The aim of the work is development of a two-layered nanofibrous material for medicine by electroforming where active (biodegrading) and protective (bioinert) layers are combined. Polyamide-6 and polyvinyl alcohol were chosen as fiber-forming polymers for each layer. Based on the analysis of literature sources, it was decided to use silver nanoparticles as a target component in the active layer. Formulation of spinning solutions was developed for obtaining the two-layered nanofibrous material. The concentration of silver in the final product is determined following the standards and recommendations. Based on this, rational modes for electrospinning equipment were chosen. The analysis of images of the two-layered nanofibrous material structure indicates the presence of a small number of spindle-shaped defects in the layer made from a solution of polyvinyl alcohol with silver particles. The diameters of nanofibers in each layer are measured and it is determined that the distribution of nanofibers by diameter corresponds to the lognormal distribution law. Taking into account the identified features of the electrospinning process and the presence of defects in the structure of the material at the next stage of work it is advisable to determine the possibility of the fiber-forming polymer increasing concentration in the spinning solution. The decision on the need and rational way to adjust the content of silver nanoparticles in the material will be made on the basis of approbation of the material as a wound covering.

Development of a Two-Layered Nanofibrous Material with Silver Particles


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Chernikau, Ivan Development of a Two-Layered Nanofibrous Material with Silver Particles / Ivan Chernikau, Siarhei Rzheussky, Dzmitry Ryklin // Vestnik of Vitebsk State Technological University . ─ 2023. ─ № 44. ─ P. 67. DOI:10.24412/2079-7958-2023-1-67-76

Accepted to publication on july 12, 2023