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The Quality Analysis of Flax Yarn and Opportunities of its Improving

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The problem of quality improving of flax yarn is very important in the Republic of Belarus. The article is devoted to researching and analysis of normalized and non-normalized parameters of quality of flax yarn 42 tex, and to searching for the solution to the problem of yarn quality worsening. In the result of researches it was determined, that the main problem of quality improving of medium linear density yarn is the use of low grades of raw material. As a result of situation with raw material, it is impossible to significantly improve the grades used. As one of the solutions to the problem, proposed is the method of intensification of flax fiber maceration in the wet method of flax spinning based on ultrasonic cavitation. On the spinning machine, while moving in the water environment of the bath, the linen roving was subjected to ultrasonic action. As a result of this action, the pectin substances that glue the elementary fibers of flax were softened. The connection between the fibers was weakened, that provided better conditions for crushing the technical fiber into elementary ones and shifting the fibers in the drawing device. The positive effect of ultrasonic action on the flax fibers in the production of flax yarn on the spinning machine by wet method is determined, consisting in reducing of the yarn unevenness.

The Quality Analysis of Flax Yarn and Opportunities of its Improving


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Prakharenka, A. The Quality Analysis of Flax Yarn and Oppor tunities of its Improving / A. Prakharenka, S. Hryshanava, A. Kogan, Y. Bakava // Vestnik of Vitebsk State Technological University. ─ 2019. ─ № 1(36). ─ P. 81. DOI:10.24411/2079-7958-2019-13609

Accepted to publication on may 30, 2019