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Determination of acceleration of points of complex planar mechanisms by graphic-analytical method

УДК 621.01




Purpose of the article is to develop a sequence of actions to determine the accelerations of points of complex mechanisms by the graphic-analytical method. The aim is to develop a workflow for kinematic studies accelerations of points of a flat base member of complex mechanism by the graphoanalytical method which is based on the laws of the course of theoretical mechanics of the instantaneous center of acceleration of bodies engaged on plane-parallel motion. The calculation is performed on the example of the complex mechanism of the third class, which makes it possible to control the sequence of actions performed due to the fact that there is such a mechanism for development of the kinematic analysis methods. The present research is relevant because it expands Implementation of similar problems for which there is no universal method. Using of the original sequence of kinematic analysis is based on the provisions of the kinematic analysis of complex mechanisms about a singular point of Assur and the concept of instant center acceleration of solids committing plane-parallel motion a course of theoretical mechanics. The results of calculation possible to recommend the proposed sequence of acceleration detection mechanism points of the third class used for similar research the complex mechanisms of the fourth and higher classes of equipment for light industry.

Determination of acceleration of points of complex planar mechanisms by graphic-analytical method


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Кошель, С. А. Определение ускорений точек сложных плоских механизмов графоаналитическим способом/ С. А. Кошель, А.В. Кошель // Вестник Витебского государственного технологического университета . ─ 2015. ─ № 29. ─ С. 55.