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Analysis of changes of parameters of fabric structure during its manufacturing stages

УДК 677.024.001.5




The article investigates the nature of changes in fabric structure of combined weaves during the entire cycle of their formation: in a gas station and workmanship on the loom and after removal from the machine and stabilization of the structure. In the course of experimental studies the relative position of the warp and weft of the fabric was investigated. For this purpose the method for preparing cross-embedded fabric sections were processed by a computer program to work with the microimages. Analysis of the images showed that under the conditions of filling on the loom fabric has a distinct single layer warp and weft threads are on their levels relative to the midline of the fabric, they form corresponds worked out rapport weave. After removing from the machine the mutual arrangement of threads in the tissue changes. Filaments acquire a large amount of bending waves under the action of the relaxation processes and reduced length of the main picks, which leads to clustering of the opposite strand by the pick and long the extrusion of relief fabric. Thus, the threads of a system are not located at the same level, forming a so-called «multi-layered» fabric. To assess the nature and magnitude of the mutual placement of threads in the fabric weave combined calculated order of the phase structure of the fabric. As a result, it is determined that the phase structure of the fabric after its removal from the machine increases. To change the order of the phase structure of the fabric affected by a number of factors (technological and fueling parameters of the loom parameters rapport tissue relaxation processes in the tissue) to be considered for conservation given in the design of fabric structure.

Analysis of changes of parameters of fabric structure during its manufacturing stages


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Дробот, Е.В. Анализ изменения параметров строения ткани на этапах её изготовления/ Е.В. Дробот, О.В. Закора, Е.Ю. Рязанова // Вестник Витебского государственного технологического университета . ─ 2015. ─ № 29. ─ С. 21.