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Alex Trukhanov

State Scientific and Production Association "Scientific and Practical Materials Research Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus"

General Director Deputy

Doctor of Sciences (in Physics and Mathematics), Assistant Prof.

Area of expertise:

Functional materials, physical and chemical technologies; condensed matter physics, structural chemistry, nanomaterials, magnetic materials, composite materials

Member of the council for the defense of dissertations at the State Scientific and Practical Materials Research Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (Д01.06.01)

Publication activity

H-3514-2014 (WOS):

Number of publications – 275

Number of Citations – 9112

H-index – 66


8908827000 (Scopus):

Number of publications – 337

Number of Citations – 10543

H-index - 68 (ORCID)

612579 (РИНЦ)


Член международных редакционных коллегий следующих журналов:


Member of International Editorial Boards:

Reviewer in international journals: Nature Communications; Journal of Alloys and Compounds; Journal of Materials and Research Technologies; Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials; Ceramics International; Materials; Nanomaterials; Journal of Applied Physics, and more.

Guest editor in 4 special editions (Actual Problems of Solid State Physics: Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies; Nanostructured Ceramics in Modern Materials Science; Functional Magnetic Oxides and Composites; Functional Nanomagnetics and Magneto-Optical Nanomaterials) of the journal Nanomaterials (impact factor 5.719), as well as in a special edition (Functional Granular Films and Coatings: Synthesis, Properties and Applications) of Coatings Journal (impact factor 3.236).


key publications:

1.Peng-JianWang, DiZhou, JingLi, Li-XiaPang, Wen-FengLiu, Jin-ZhanSu, CharanjeetSingh, SergeiTrukhanovandAlexTrukhanov,SignificantlyEnhancedElectrostaticEnergyStoragePerformanceofP(VDF-HFP)/BaTiO3-Bi(Li0.5Nb0.5)O3 Nanocomposites, NanoEnergy 78 (2020) 105247 19.069)

2. Peng-Jian Wang, Di Zhou, Huan-Huan Guo, Wen-Feng Liu, Jin-Zhan Su, Mao-Sen Fu, Charanjeet Singh, Sergei Trukhanov, and Alex Trukhanov, Ultrahigh Enhancement Rate of Energy Density of Flexible Polymer Nanocomposites by Core-Shell BaTiO3@MgO Structures as Fillers, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 (2020) 11124-11132 (IF= 14.511)

  1. 3. V.A. Turchenko, S.V. Trukhanov, V.G. Kostishin, F. Damay, F. Porcher, D.S. Klygach, M.G. Vakhitov, L.Yu. Matzui, O. S. Yakovenko, B. Bozzo, I. Fina, M.A. Almessiere, Y. Slimani, A. Baykal, Di Zhou, A.V. Trukhanov Impact of In3+ cations on structure and electromagnetic state of M-type hexaferrites Journal of Energy Chemistry 69 (2022) 667-676, (IF= 13.599)
  2. 4.  M.A. Almessiere, N.A. Algarou, Y. Slimani, A. Sadaqat, A. Baykal, A. Manikandan, S.V. Trukhanov, A.V. Trukhanov, I. Ercan Investigation of exchange coupling and microwave properties of hard/soft (SrNi0.02Zr0.01Fe11.96O19)/(CoFe2O4)x nanocomposites Materials Today Nano 18 (2022) 100186, (IF= 13.364)

5. Mengge Dong, Suying Zhou, Xiangxin Xue, Xiating Feng, He Yang, M. I. Sayyed, Daria Tishkevich, Alex Trukhanov, Nouf Almousa Upcycling of Boron Bearing Blast Furnace Slag as Highly Cost-effective Shield for Protection of Neutron Radiation Hazard: An Innovative Way and Proposal of Shielding Mechanism Journal of Cleaner Production 355 (2022) 131817, (IF= 11.072)

6. Tao Tao, Jiarong He, Yiqi Wang, Xiaoyan Shi, Lianyi Shao, Alex Trukhanov, Zhipeng Sun, Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of three-dimensional NbOPO4-reduced graphene oxide-carbon nanotube composite for high performance sodium-ion battery anode, Journal of Power Sources 539 (2022) 231457, (IF= 9.794)

7. Fangya Qi, Xiaoyi Lu, Yiqian Wang, Hongbo Zhang, Alex Trukhanov, Zhipeng Sun Fabrication of hierarchical MoO3@NixCo2x(OH)6x core-shell arrays on carbon cloth as enhanced-performance electrodes for asymmetric supercapacitors Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 607(2) (2022) 1253-1261, (IF= 9.965)

8. Ruqiya Sehrish Gohar, Sumaira Manzoor, Tauseef Munawar , Soumaya Gouadria, Muhammad Faheem Ashiq, Faisal Iqbal, Faryal Aftab, Muhammad Najam-Ul-Haq, A. V. Trukhanov, Muhammad Naeem Ashiq Hydrothermal preparation of LaNdZr2O7 – SnSe nanocomposite for electrochemical supercapacitor and degradation of contaminants Applications Journal of Energy Storage 52 (B) (2022) 104930  (IF= 8.907)

9. Shu-Zhao Hao, Di Zhou, Li-Xia Pang, Ming-Zhao Dang, Shi-Kuan Sun, Tao Zhou, Sergei Trukhanov, Alex Trukhanov, Antonio Sergio Bezerra Sombra, Qiang Li, Xiu-Qun Zhang, Song Xia, Moustafa Adel Darwish Ultra-low temperature co-fired ceramics with adjustable microwave dielectric properties in Na2O-Bi2O3-MoO3 ternary system: A comprehensive study Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 10 (2022) 2008-2016, (IF= 8.067)

10. M.A. Almessiere, Y. Slimani, N.A. Algarou, M.G. Vakhitov, D.S. Klygach, A. Baykal, T.I. Zubar, S.V. Trukhanov, A.V. Trukhanov, H. Attia, M. Sertkol, I.A. Auwal, Tuning the structure, magnetic and high frequency properties of Sc-doped Sr0.5Ba0.5ScxFe12-xO19/NiFe2O4 hard/soft nanocomposites, Advanced Electronic Materials, 8 (2022) 2101124, DOI: 10.1002/aelm.202101124 (IF= 7.633)