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Optimization of modes of the power consumption of power-intensive machine-building industry

УДК 677.11.044.4



The paper considers the problem of reduction of power consumption for power-intensive machine-building enterprise. The criterion of minimum of a power consumption in peak hours and limiting conditions are formulated. Various estimates of the distribution of the optimal value of the total power between subjects of the technological process are given.

Integrated management of fuel and energy resources assumes optimum operating modes of all parts of the energy sector. The reduction of the power consumption is actual at the maximum load of a power supply system, because excess of initially declared quantity leads to penalties, and a shortage – to the possible detriment of the industrial enterprise.

The solution of this problem involves an integrated approach to components of technological process. It includes consideration of characteristics of all production phases, including such as the optimal regulation of excitation of synchronous motors, the control of protection systems and the regime interaction power-intensive enterprise with dispatching management of a power supply system. In this case, the most rational values of regulating parameters in cost sizes can be received. It will allow to carry out operation of the production equipment in an optimum mode.

Thus, a complete solution of this problem is possible at the transition from separate mode-economic, organizational and technical measures to their system interaction on the basis of dynamic information model creation. Currently, this task is not fully resolved due to the need to develop a set of interrelated tasks. It includes the creation of a monitoring system of flow characteristics of industrial enterprises: definition of reserves of regulation taking into account differentiated tariffs for time zones, the creation of a database of flow characteristics of a power consumption and development of the mechanism of control of its observance.

Optimization of modes of the power consumption of power-intensive machine-building industry


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Радоман, Н.В. Оптимизация режимов электропотребления энергоемкого машиностроительного производства/ Н.В. Радоман, О.И. Александров, Д.Н. Свирский// Вестник Витебского государственного технологического университета . ─ 2014. ─ № 26. ─ С. 89.