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Modification of the basic components of conservation materials by ultrasonic cavitation

УДК 666.97.001.015:[53.09+53.06]; 620.197




The article is aimed at finding of the influence of ultrasonic treatment on the physical and chemical, protective properties of oil products produced by OJSC «Naftan». It is established that the viscosity of vacuum distillates and petroleum's extract reduces by 5–20 %, and the plasticizer of petroleum increases by 23 %. The ultrasonic machining has no negative impact on the low-temperature properties of the investigated components. Effect of ultrasonic machining on the protective efficiency of the components is different and depends on the group composition and the type of corrosive environment: the impact on the extract of petroleum and vacuum gasoil increases the level of their protective properties by 20–40 %, petroleum plasticizer reduces by 15–59 %. It is established that the ultrasonic machining leads to the increase of the paramagnetic activity of components. The main factor of ultrasonic influence is the formation of aromatic systems polyconjugation due to cross-linking on broken links formed during the destruction of paraffin structures. Systems of polyconjugation on the one hand are an active structural element, but at the same time, their high content may lead to a decrease in lability of systems.

Modification of the basic components of conservation materials by ultrasonic cavitation


Выходные данные

Царюк, Т. Я. Модификация базовых компонентов консервационных материалов ультразвуковой кавитацией/Т.Я. Царюк, В.Н. Сакевич, В.П. Стригуцкий, И.П. Фалюшина // Вестник Витебского государственного технологического университета . ─ 2015. ─ № 28. ─ С. 140.