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The evaluation of the state «tension-deformation» of threads in joining seams of foot-wear upper parts

УДК 685.34.24.4:658.34.042.22



The research results of residual cycling deforma­tion of thread used by assembling of upper foot-wear parts are given in this article.

The influence of 3 factors on the residual defor­mation was estimated: the effort of foot-wear last­ing, loading speed, exploitation period.

The given factors are simulated on the pulser ac­cording to static load, frequency of rotation of sine mechanisms of pulser, the number of deformation cycles.

The characteristic of dependence of these factors is given and their effect on residual cyclic deforma­tion is revealed.

The adequate polynomial model of dependence is constructed which completely corresponds to logic of physical interralation of quantities and can be used for necessary analysis in prediction problems of deformation properties of threads.

The results of the research allow to make the conclusion about capabilities of reduction of testing period and the using of proximate methods for eval­uation and prediction of foot-wear thread quality at preceding realization.

The evaluation of the state «tension-deformation» of threads in joining seams of foot-wear upper parts


Выходные данные

Шеремет, Е.А. Оценка напряженно-деформированного состояния ниток в соединительных швах деталей верха обуви / Е.А. Шеремет,Л.Г. Козловская, А.А. Науменко // Вестник Витебского государственного технологического университета . ─ 2013. ─ № 25. ─ С. 73.