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State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of
Higher Training Moscow State University of Design
and Technology, Department of Design
and Decoration of Textiles

Academic Degree – Doctor of Science (in Engineering);

Academic Rank: Professor;

Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation,
Recipient of the Prize of the President of
the Russian Federation Government in Education (2005),
Recipient of the Prize of the
Russian Federation Government
in Science and Engineering (2008, 2011)

Area of expertise:

Development of new design methods of fabrics
for technical purposes;
new textiles and textile manufacturing technologies.

Chair of Expert Board for Chemical Technology of the Higher Attestation Commission
of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

A member of the Light Industry Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
of the Russian Federation;

Academician of International Academy of Engineering, Russian Academy of
Engineering, International Informatization Academy National Fashion Academy, 
International Higher Education Academy of Sciences,  Academy on Issues of Safety,
Defense and Public Order;

Member of Dissertation Councils: Д212.144.04 and Д212.144.06
(Moscow State University of Design and Technology)
and К02.11.01 (Vitebsk State Technological University).

Publication activity

RSCI - h-index (RSCI) is 6 (October, 2017)

The number of publications in Scopus – 56

Member of International Editorial Boards:

• Proceedings of Higher Educational Institutions.
Technology of Textile industry (Scopus),
Textile industry, Sewing Industry, Leather and Shoe Industry,
since 2016 a single journal is issued which comprises
all the three journals listed above.

key publications:

Key publications (over 600 works in total)

Journal "Proceedings of Higher Educational Institutions. Technology of Textile industry» (indexed in the Citation International Database "Scopus")

• Silchenko E.V., Nikolaev S.D. Metallized Fabric for Protective Clothing, 2016. № 1. - pp. 79-84

• Silchenko E.V., Nikolaev S.D.   New Fabric to Protect People from Exposure of Electromagnetic Fields, 2015, №6, pp.102-106

• Nikolaev S.D., Palagina I.V., Nikolaeva N.A., Emelyanova Yu.V., Borovkov V.V., Study of Tension Weft Threads, 2015, №4, pp.59-64

• Nikolaev S.D., Palagina I.V., Mastrakov R.E. Study of the Structure and Properties Cotton Fabrics, 2015, №2, pp.64-69

• Panin A.I., Rybaulina I.V., Nikolaev S.D. Research of Winder Yarn Group from Winding Packages, 2014, № 2. pp. 52-56


Journal "FIBRE CHEMISTRY" (indexed in the Citation International Database "WoS")

• Gavrilova I.М., Nikolaev S.D. Factors Determining Social Problems of Textile Companies. 2013, №4, pp.66-68

• Yukhin S.S., Nikolaev S.D., Rybaulina I.V., Saphonov P.E. Processing Features of Aramid Threads and Yarn in Weaving. Monograph, 2015, 168 pp.  Publisher: MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY OF DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY

• Nikolaev S.D., Zaitsev А.V., Baranov V.V., Kraft I., Intelligence of Modern Manufacturing Enterprise, monograph, 2010, 252 pp. Publisher "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

• Onikov E.А., Nikolaev S.D. Design of Technological Processes of Weaving Manufacturing, course book, 2010, 22 printer's sheets Publisher "Inform-Znanye"