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Aliaksei Bykau

Educational Institution «Belarus State Economic University»

DSc(Econ), Professor

Chair of Department "Economics and Management" Educational Institution "Belarus State Economic University"


Area of expertise:

Development of fundamental approaches and applied methods of sustainability of social and economic systems, used in economic theory and management practice for reasoning, forecasting and overcoming economic crises at micro- and macrolevels

Membership in other scientific organizations, academies, counsils:

Member of University Council of Belarus State Economic University, member of Dissertation Defense Council on Specilaity Д 02.07.02, Chairman of Dissertation Advisory Council №3 in BSEU, expert member at EMERICs, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, Republic of Korea

Publication activity

RSCI - h-index (RSCI) is 4 (October, 2017)

Member of International Editorial Boards:

• Member of Editorial Board of Vestnik of Vitebsk State Technological University;
• Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Belarusian Economic Journal
• Member of Editorial Board of scientific web-conference ScieConf, Slovakia (

Key publications:

• Bykau A.A., Kolb О.D. «Domestic Value Added in Exports» Index: Computation and Possibilities of Application // Belarusian Economic Journal, 2016, № 1. pp. 128-143.

• Bykau A.A., Bullwhip-effects and their Influence on Belarusian Machine-Building Industry // Economist, 2016, № 1. pp. 85-91

• Bykau A., Ghodsi A., Nezhadhossein H. Impact of oil prices on Russian ruble on condition of floating exchange rate regime // The 5th International Virtual Scientific Conference on Informatics and Management Sciences, March, 21. - 25. 2016, DOI: 10.18638/ictic.2016.5.1.274, p. 67-69.

• Bykau A.A., Sedun A.M. Prospects for Post- and Neo-Industrial Development in Conditions of a Possible Transformation of the International Division of Labor System // Belarusian Economic Journal, 2015. № 2. - pp. 4 – 24.

• Bykau A.A. Technological Modes and the Economic Development's Spatial Component // Belarusian Economic Journal, 2014. № 1. - pp. 114 – 126.