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«Technology and machinery of light industry and machine building»


Sergey Belyaev

State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Education «Saint Petersburg University»

Chair of the Theory of Elasticity leading researcher;

Doctor of Science (in Physics and Mathematics);


Area of expertise:

Physics of metals and alloys, radiation physics of solids, phase transformations in solids.

Member of Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on «Radiation Physics of Solids»;

Member of Research Council of the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute within the National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute».

Publication activity

Total number of publications is 200, including 84 in Scopus and 126 in RSCI

H-index is 8 (Scopus)

RSCI– h-index (RSCI) is 9 (October, 2017)

A fellow member of the reviewer board of:

• Journal of Alloys and Compounds
• Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance
• Kovove materialy
• Applied Physics Letters
• Journal «Zavodskaya Laboratoriya. Diagnostika Materialov»
• Journal «Physics of the Solid State»
• Journal of Surface Investigation. X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques.

key publication:

• Resnina N., Belyaev S., Shelyakov A. Isothermal B2 → B19′ Martensitic Transformation in Ti40.7Hf9.5Ni44.8Cu5 Shape Memory Alloy // Scripta Materialia. 2016. V. 112. pp. 106–108

• Belyaev S., Resnina N., Sibirev A. Softening Process during Reverse Martensitic Transformation in TiNi Shape Memory Alloy //  Journal of  Alloys and Compounds. 2016. V. 661. pp. 155-160

• Resnina N., Belyaev S., Zeldovich V., Pilyugin V., Frolova N., Glazova D. Variations in Martensitic Transformation Parameters due to Grains Evolution during Post-deformation Heating of Ti-50.2 at.% Ni Alloy Amorphized by HPT // Thermochimica Acta. 2016. 627-629, pp. 20-30.

• Belyaev S., Rubanik V., Resnina N., Rubanik V. Jr., Demidova E., Lomakin I. Bimetallic Shape Memory Alloy Composites Produced by Explosion Welding: Structure and Martensitic Transformation // Journal of Materials Processing Technology. 2016. V. 234. pp. 323–331.

• Resnina N., Belyaev S., Voronkov A. Gracheva A. Mechanical Behaviour and Functional Properties of Porous Ti-45 at. % Ni Alloy Produced by Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis // Smart Materials and Structures. 2016. V.25. 055018 (9pp).